Alison Whittall -Harmony Singing Workshops, Choir Leader, Singing Teacher - Devon based  

About Alison Whittall

Alison Whittall B.Ed Hons, Estill Voice Training levels 1 and 2

Alison is an experienced international community choir leader, singer, musician and composer with 20 years experience as a professional teacher.

She has been leading Ploughcappella, the thriving community world music choir in North Devon for 18 years as well as leading other choirs in the region and a wide variety of singing workshops, Also Co-Founder of Voice of Devon (200 participants). She has travelled widely around the world – absorbing the global spirit of song.  Her repertoire reflects this.  She is an experienced musician and talented songwriter who is deeply involved with music and song in the community.  Alison is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network.  The ethos of this network is inclusive and recognizes singing as a natural birthright to all.  SHE HAS ALSO ORGANISED CREDSING 2015, 2017 nad 2019 (300 participants with BIG SING and concert celebrating local and regional choirs



Alison is also a regular teacher at the Unicorn Voice Camp in Dorset and also frequently in Germany in which she teaches her own material.  Alison’s work as a composer has developed in recent years, her songs are full of heart, combining a funky syncopation with stunning harmony and counterpoint.  Her compositions reflect her passion for the journey of ‘awakening’ in an extremely down to earth way with tremendous warmth and humour! ‘singing actually brings forth a true communion through sound vibration, calling us to the presence that unites us all. I love to put people at ease and to support the process of healing through song. I also encourage improvisation as this lets the spirit of song be heard in a way that is fresh and alive.’  





Ploughcappella members say this: “a truly inspirational teacher“, "great warmth and talent…an expert ear and a wealth of songs to share welcomes all singers and melds them together to make a glorious sound”, “her enthusiasm and passion is infectious and uplifting.“


Alison has completed levels one and two of the Estill Model of Voice Training – ‘The Voice Explained’.  Alison says ‘this course has informed my practise exploring what actually happens when we sing and how our unique instrument functions.  This course opens up doorways into a range of vocal options and explores in depth the six main voice qualities.  

In 2016 Alison also completed the Tonalis training in Choral Excellence.

In July 2018 she graduated as a ONE SPIRIT Interfaith minister    


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