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Data Protection Plan Choirs GDPR



If you join my choirs or singing groups i will ask for your e mail to add to that particular choir e mail list

If you are presently subscribed to the e mail list for community choirs/ singing workshops and events led by Alison Whittall

The legal basis for collecting data is consent

I have this information in order to notify you of relevant singing events and relevant information for the choirs and singing workshops

I do not store data any longer than necessary and it is stored in my secure contact lists for choirs

i will not share your e mail with anyone else

I will only contact you with the kinds of information listed above (ie community singing events, workshops, informations for my choirs)

You can unsubscribe at any time by e mailing me on [email protected] and I will remove your data from the contact list as soon as possible

Also if you should want their data to be updated or corrected please e mail me on [email protected] and i will do this straight away

If you have any questions about this at all do not hesitate to contact me via the e mail above

thank you for your subscription Alison Whittall


Also if a photo of my choirs appears on this website that you are in and you do not want to be  - please notify me as soon as possible and I will remove the photograph

Otherwise simply let me know if you do not want to feature in photographs on this website  - thank you