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New Book and CD!

Available now!  'Heartsong'

Heartsong is a book of 15 original short songs of Peace Freedom and Joy.  

This is a book with full scores - SATB

The CD includes ALL PARTS for each songs followed by Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts in turn.  

Ideal for choir leaders or for choir participants who wish to learn these beautiful songs.

Alison is passionate about the power of harmony singing and the way in which it brings people together in communion and bliss.  The Harmonies give power to the words and lift the hearts of the singers.  These songs are sometimes upbeat and funky, sometimes meditative and deep.  Beautiful rich harmonies to soothe your soul, massage your heart and lift your spirit.  Alison's sense of the scaredness in life and her love of Freedom and peace is expressed through the songs.  

Some of the songs included in this volume are:  

One Heart, Peace, Holding to the Loving, Sing It!, Freedom, It's a Wonderful Life and Look at the Sea...



COST £18 plus £2 Postage and Packing  



IMG_2041 IMG_2041 Buy Now Buy Now Heartsong BOOK & CD Index 53 Sing it! 01 One Heart 2 59 We Are Free 26 Heavenly Father 07 Peace 48 Freedom

Here are some examples of the tracks on the Cd with all parts