Alison Whittall -Harmony Singing Workshops, Choir Leader, Singing Teacher - Devon based  

Day Workshops - Lift your heart and sing!

Corporate Team Building


Singing Workshops

 A singing workshop offers a new, invigorating approach to team building which is fun

and exciting.  No previous experience is necessary.    Building both self esteem on a personal

level  and generating a sense of the power of the group as a dynamic whole.  

Alison has a particular talent to put people at ease and she understands the anxiety that can

arise from being new to singing.  She sensitively includes everyone with joy and gentleness.

For the more confident singers there are opportunites to shine and improvise.  

Good listening, courage and cooperation, dedication and commitment with a willingness to

work together in harmony are the qualities that will be encouraged during these workshops

and all of these are metaphors for excellent team work.  People leave feeling they have really

achieved something special together and had a lot of fun doing it!  





• FABULOUS SONGS – Rocking rhythms, glorious global harmonies, songs with spirit and heart, contemporary and traditional including  inspired original compositions.  Songs of freedom and fun – heart and soul!   Exhilarating harmony with funky beat.

• INCLUSIVE - Everyone welcome – songs taught by ear, no experience necessary

• RELAXING – Transcend your worries and open your heart!

• INSPIRING TEACHER - Tremendous warmth and humour!  



 “her enthusiasm and passion is infectious and uplifting.“ CHOIR MEMBER  

• IMPROVES YOUR VOICE  - expert tuition on developing pitch, extending vocal range and developing use of breath and body.  












Alison is a trained teacher B.Ed Honours with specialism in music.  She has also taught music and singing in primary schools across the region and lectured at Exeter University on Foundation Stage Music and singing.  Alison can lead singing groups in your school as a one off or as part of a bigger project with a particular emphasis on world music and harmony.  

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